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Detailed information about our range of website optimizers


Which optimizer would be the best choice for you?

HTML-Optimizer Icon HTML-Optimizer is recommended if you manage mainly one website and you do not need any extras besides optimizing web pages and JPEG/PNG images. This basic model features Smart Handling that enables you to optimize only your modified pages and images. HTML-Optimizer Plus Icon HTML-Optimizer Plus is recommended if you manage mainly one website and you need instant uploading supporting the FTP and WebDAV transfer protocol, also in secure mode.
All HTML-Optimizer features are also present in HTML-Optimizer Plus.
HTML-Optimizer Pro Icon HTML-Optimizer Pro is recommended if you manage more than one website and/or if you need extra features like tag checking and link checking.
Switching from one web folder to another is very easy. HTML-Optimizer Pro has no upload facility.
All HTML-Optimizer features are also present in HTML-Optimizer Pro.
Web Site Maestro Icon Web Site Maestro is recommended if you need instant uploading and other transfer facilities such as synchronizing your website with your web folder. Secure FTP or WebDAV uploading is supported. More information can be found in the Web Site Maestro Manual.
All HTML-Optimizer Pro features are also present in Web Site Maestro.

Features that are present in all four optimizers...

  • All optimizers optimize (X)HTML code and script code. The following script types are supported: JavaScript, Java, CFscript, VBscript, LassoScript, CSS, ASP, JSP, PHP, TPL, CSP.
  • All optimizers optimize JPEG and PNG images, cutting down image size by about half.
  • To help you keep organized, a duplicate web folder is created for the optimized web files. Your original files are left untouched.
  • The Smart Handling feature enables you to automatically handle only the pages that you have modified.
  • You can exclude certain files and/or folders from being optimized.
  • Drag and Drop is fully supported. On the program's Drop Spot you can drop a web folder, subfolders or files.
  • In the Preferences panel you can customize the optimization options.

...and details of the individual optimizers

Minimize box Progress bar Stop button Log Hide/Show History Log Preferences Select file or folder Smart Handling Start/Select button Drop spot View Page HTML-Optimizer

We have displayed at left a small picture of our basic model and at right a small picture of our top model, taken on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
You can view a real size image of all models, taken on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). To remove that image you click the red close button on the window's top left corner.

On the real size images you can see the Drop Spot where you can drag your file(s) and/or folder(s) to, including your entire web folder. Of course, you can also use the center controls to perform the same job.

The most important and frequently-used controls are placed on the resizable main window. Less frequently used controls are stored as menu items on the menus, or on popup windows accessed from the menus. We have applied the right amount of automation to the controls to get you up and running in no time.

Progress bar Stop button Log Hide/Show History Log Preferences Smart Handling Start/Select button View Page Drop Spot View Code Select file or folder Upload Page(s) Function menu Web Folder menu Same Again Web Site Maestro


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