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Product support

Our contact form is temporarily unavailable, so please send us a prepared email.
We would like to know for our support records:

1. Your operating system plus its version, for example Mac OS X 10.9 or Windows 8.
2. Your website URL (optional but highly recommended for support).
3. Your name (first and last name please).
4. The product you are using, for example HTML-Optimizer Pro.

Always keep updated with the Latest Version of our products!
If you are using an outdated version, then first update to the latest version - which is free - and try again to check if your problem still exists.

Questions and Answers

Q. I have Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). What should I do with Gatekeeper?
A. Right-click (or control-click) on our product and choose 'Open'. If a Gatekeeper dialog appears you also choose 'Open'. From then on Gatekeeper will remember our product as being safe.
Our products have been tested by Softpedia and found to be 100% clean. Check it out for HTML-Optimizer, HTML-Optimizer Plus, HTML-Optimizer Pro and Web Site Maestro.
Q. On Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) the ~/Library/Preferences folder is not visible, so I cannot find the Backup and Logs folders. How can I make ~/Library/Preferences visible?
A. You can make it visible by typing "chflags nohidden ~/Library/" (without the quotes) in /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.
Q. Why are my pdf files, gif images, favicon icon and movies not uploaded?
A. These file types cannot be optimized, so you choose 'List Non-Optimized Files for Uploading' from the Transfer menu. Then select the listed files and press the 'Upload Files' button. Note that you can also use Smart Handling for this operation, except the 'File Size' mode.
Q. When I press the Start button nothing happens. What to do now?
A. Choose Reset Configuration from the Configure menu. The program will quit and when you open it again the Configuration Wizard will appear. Follow the steps and when finished the Start button will work again.
Q. Some of my widgets and plugins don't work any more after optimizing. What could I do to prevent this?
A. Go to the Filters tab of Preferences (Mac) or Options (Windows) of the program and exclude those widgets and plugins from optimizing. Make sure that the checkbox 'Support nested folders' has been checked. Then optimize your web folder again.
Q. When I use Smart Handling in 'Date + Time' mode after having changed some files, I get the message that no files have been changed.
A. In 'Date + Time' mode the modification date and time are compared between the original files and the duplicate files. If you choose 'Date + Time', then a file is handled only if the original file was changed at a later date, or at a later time on the same date, as the duplicate file. Once a file has been handled, it will not be handled again, until you change it.
For example, you have modified some files and you optimized your web folder with Smart Handling on in 'Date + Time' mode, but you did not upload your files. Later you optimize your web folder again with Smart Handling on in 'Date + Time' mode in order to upload your files. This time no files are handled because the modification dates of the original and the duplicate files have become equal the previous time you optimized your web folder. Now you should use the 'Today' or 'Since <date>' mode, dependent on whether you modified your files today or earlier.
Q. After I have used the Refresh Duplicate Web Folder command from the Manage menu and then use Smart Handing in 'Date + Time' mode, I get the message that no files have been changed. But I did modify some files yesterday and today.
A. When you refresh the Duplicate Web Folder, the modification dates of all original and duplicate files become equal. Because you modified some files also yesterday, you should choose the 'Since <date>' mode.
Q. I purchased a license and received a serial number, but it does not work.
A. If your serial number does not work, it's because you have not submitted your correct computer user name (case-sensitive!) when you purchased your license. Contact us to get the right serial number and don't forget to include your computer user name which you can see if you click the blue link 'user name' in the Register or Upgrade window. See its reduced picture below (which may look slightly different on your computer).
Register Window
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